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Visualizing Mismanaged Plastic Waste by Country
by Christina Kostandi

The Karma of Plastic

by Rohit Kumar

Why Do My Gums Bleed When I Floss?

by Kathryn Hogan

Why does it hurt to floss? The human body has very few fluids to send to an active infection site. Saliva, and blood. Nutrient rich blood is delivered to the infection site efficiently and quickly to flush out the infection. How does the infection start? Food lodged in between teeth or under the gum line will easily cause irritation and if not addressed- develop into inflammation and infection. It can take only hours which is when the blood is sent in – to combat the problem. It’s pretty cool actually. A Red Flag-A GIFT -sure it hurts-what infection doesn’t? So floss it gently for three days-until the infection subsides and when it’s cleared up? The body will cease sending in the blood-simple. The good news is-only living things bleed. As long as there’s blood, the tooth is salvageable. Leave it for long enough and the bleeding will stop and the tooth will die. So embrace the blood, pain, and fix it or deal with the consequences. It’s up to YOU.

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Journey of a toothbrush - A short film about plastic pollution



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