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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between FlosspotTM and FlosspotTM Gold?

There are several differences!

Original FlosspotTM is made from natural silk while FlosspotTM Gold is made from PLA (polylactic acid) an alternative to fossil-based plastic. Our PLA is made using the starch in corn. The two flosses also have different structures to take advantage of the different physical properties of silk and PLA.

Some people with tight spots in their teeth find that Original FlosspotTM works better than FlosspotTM Gold. The two spools are also a different shape and size: both refills fit the stainless steel jar but only the silk refill fits the glass jar.

What does USDA Certified Biobased mean and why does FlosspotTM Gold only have 98%?

USDA Certified Biobased is a voluntary program for labeling products with the percentage of carbon from “new sources“ like plants, compared to “old sources“ like petrochemicals. New carbon sources are renewable!

Test method ASTM D6866 is used to determine the age of the carbon present, and like all test methods there is an allowable error in the test results. For ASTM D6866, the allowable error is 3%. While our official test result shows 98% biobased, it‘s important to note the allowable error in the test results. In addition to the biobased testing, we have biodegradability testing according to ASTM D6400 showing that FlosspotTM Gold is biodegradable. While we can‘t tell you if that missing 2% of biobased content is a result of testing variability, we can tell you that FlosspotTM Gold is 100% biodegradable!

Is your corn GMO-free and/or organic?

Unfortunately, we don‘t know for sure.

We are working to get better visibility on our supply chain, but in the meantime, we can‘t guarantee that the corn used to make the PLA for FlosspotTM Gold is GMO-free or organic.

Can I reuse the floss?

Please don‘t reuse dental floss.

Dental floss doesn‘t just remove particles of food stuck between your teeth; dental floss removes biofilm (colonies of bacteria) that form on your teeth. During flossing, the dental floss goes past the gumline to effectively clean, which is why dental floss is a Class I medical device! Proper flossing technique recommended by dentists is to shift your floss to a fresh spot for flossing each tooth. There is no way to adequately wash bacteria off of used floss, so compost your used FlosspotTM and use a fresh piece every time you floss.

Why does your floss break?

Some people with tight spaces between their teeth (what dentists refer to as “tight contacts“) find that the diameter and round cross-section of FlosspotTM and FlosspotTM Gold can break while they are flossing. This is due to the floss not being able to easily fit through the gap.

FlosspotTM and FlosspotTM Gold are made differently and you might find that regular FlosspotTM will work for you if FlosspotTM Gold doesn‘t. We are in the early stages of developing a new product that will work for tight contacts and hope that you will follow us on social media to learn when it launches.



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