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KMH Touches ECO DENTAL Innovation is determined to change old mindsets. One use plastic, needs to become a thing of the past!

Our motivation

We were struck in a profound way by the Vimeo movie “Albatross” and we decided to direct the trajectory of our business, clearly on that target! Hearing “Do we have the COURAGE to face the realities of our time?” hit us pretty hard.

In 2015, we began our search – looking for alternatives to plastic in the dental field. Hoping to find alternatives to plastic toothbrushes, such as cornstarch, tapioca, hemp, or wood, we found options that overwhelmingly featured 100% nylon/plastic bristles yet claimed to be eco-friendly. And with regard to dental floss? We found only one compostable brand but it was packaged in plastic! Recently hundreds of new brands in glass have inundated the market. Most are unaccredited and mislabeled so buyer beware! Always check for legitimate certifications.

It is our mission to develop new products to do our part to move the world to reducing plastic waste.

Based in Galt, Cambridge, Ontario, KMH Touches is operated by Kathryn Hogan and the KMH Team.

The team

Alex – Videographer

MaryAnne – Graphic Design

Shawn – Manufacturing Director

Kate – Media Advertising

Christine – Bilingual Consultant

Vinod – Marketing Consultant

Reena – Production

Mary – Dental Consultant

Nicole Furtak, PhD (Textile Science and Materials Engineering) – R&D

Kathryn Hogan – CFO


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